Every feast becomes a moment of strong aggregation: mixing with the drinkers of "Oliena" and listening to the "muttos", waiting at the exit of the Churhes of the most important festivals, and looking to the dignity of the old women and of the young girls, wearing typical customes: it means living a piece of original Sardinian life, strictly achored to its ancient traditions.

There are popular and religious fairs, often bound to the feast of the saint of the village: Festival of "Sant’Efisio" in Cagliari, of the "Redentore" in Nuoro, "Cavalcata Sarda" in Sassari, "Sa Sartiglia" in Oristano and "S’Ardia" in Sédilo.

Fairs and Festivals

The listed fairs can have some changes, it is better to have the confirmation from the Tourism Organisation.

The dates of the Festivals, feasts and of all the Events of Sardinia are an idea of Sa Oche, facilities for comunication.