The listed fairs can have some changes, it is better to have the confirmation from the Tourism Organisation.

January: The fairs of this month are characterized by a huge bonfire to honour the saint, around which people celebrate all night long. For example in Tramatza (S. Efisio, around the 15th of January), and in Abbasanta (Sant'Antonio Abate around the 17th ). In Lula to honour Sant'Antonio Abate there is the famous "aranzata" ( the characteristic sweet bade with oranges).
February: It is the month dedicated to Carnival all over Sardinia. In Oristano "La Sartiglia" the last Sunday of Carnival, and on shrove Tuesday - an equestrian joust in Mamoiada the "Issokadores" and the "mamuthones". In Ottana the "boes" - like cows - and the "merdules" dressed with wooden masks. In Tempio the Carnival has a jolly aspect. Some other carnival parades take place at Samugheo, Sedilo, Sindia, Fluminimaggiore, ecc. apart from the Carnival, we have to underline Saint Biagios's feast at Gergei.
March/April: The oranges feast in Muravera is during the Easter period. Particularly captivating is the Mistery Procession (Lunissanti) in Castelsardo, which takes place on Easter Monday in the old section of the town. Not less suggestive are the religious processions, the Easter Friday in Alghero, Oristano, Sassari and Cagliari. In Oliena on Easter Sunday we celebrate "S'Incontru", which is the meeting between the Madonna's statue and that of Christ. In Bitti to honour San Giorgio (23rd April) it takes place a customes race. In Dolianova (the last Sunday) there is S. Pantaleo's feast. To be underlined is the old feast of Nostra Signora of Bonaria in Cagliari.
May: Sant'Efisio Festival in Cagliari (1st May) is a joyful procession with thousands of people sporting traditional costumes in the centre of Cagliari, leaving from the Stampace church, ending in Nora. In Alghero "Nostra Signora di Valverde" feast (the first Sunday). In Lula San Francesco di Lula feast (the second Sunday of May), other important festivals are: SS. Cosma and Damiano in Mamoiada, Madonna del Rimedio in Orosei, L'annunziata in Bitti.

Of great touristique interest is "Cavalcata Sarda", which takes place in Sassari on Ascension day. Some typical sea-festivals are the "Palio of Porto Torres" and the tunfish feast in Portoscuso (the third decade of the month).
June: Santa Caterina in Orroli (the first Sunday of June), it consists in a procession with typical costumes, and "tracca", some agricultural carts pulled by oxen. Madonna dei Martiri feast in Fonni, with some poetic competitions in Sardinian language. Music and typical dances in San Vero Milis for S.Sofia feast (second decade) and in S. Vito (15th June).
July: One of the most fascinating festivals is "S'Ardia" (first decade) in Sedilo, to honour San Costantino, called Santu Antine. "S'Ardia" is a wild reckless horse - race along a steep slope through a narrow arch. Feast of "Madonna del Naufrago" in Villasimius: a sea procession with richly ornated boats (first decade).
August: The procession of "Candelieri", which takes place 14th August in Sassari (and also in Nulvi). It consists in a rich procession of candle-sticks. The "Sagra del Redentore" in Nuoro (the last Sunday). Lost of tourists come here to admire the beauty and the quantity of costumes.
September: All the celebrations in this month are a kind of thanksgiving to the saints for the good harvest. In Quartu to honour S.Elena (second decade). San Sebastiano's feast (the first days of the month) in Telti charachterized from the " tiro alla candela". To honour San Salvatore in Cabras (first Sunday ) a group of barefooted runners hold for 12 KM the statue of the saint.
October: Chestnut and nuts feast in Aritzo (fourth Sunday). S. Bachisio feast in Bolotana (first Sunday of the month).
November: "Madonna dello Schiavo" feast in Carloforte (second decade).
December: Saint Andrea's feast in Quartu, agriculture feast (first decade).

The dates of the Festivals, feasts and of all the Events of Sardinia are an idea of Sa Oche, facilities for comunication.